About the Production House

Double Helix Creations was branded in 2006 as in imprint for the creative attempts and exploits of its founder - indie filmmaker, photographer, and scientist-in-training, Melanie Wills. Its namesake derives from the structure of DNA, the chemical code of life, in which the elegant double helix has both stunning form and profound function. Likewise, DHC aspires to intertwine aesthetics and insight, education and entertainment. We seek to capture facets of life, from the every day to the extraordinary. Our niche in the realm of non-fiction film is the portrayal of human stories in science. A mixture of POV, social exploration, and experiential science, these documentaries break down barriers between traditional film genres to showcase the unseen world of science, in its human context.

About the Founder

Melanie has always had a passion for storytelling - both on the page and through the lens. Her first foray into media production was at age 14 as the creator, producer, and co-host of "Minor Issues", a community television program for teens. She later went on to co-produce and direct the newsmagazine program "Plugged In" for Cogeco Lindsay. The highlight of the job for Wills was creating short documentary-style featurettes that appeared in weekly spotlight segments on the show. She credits these television experiences with directing her interests towards the art and science of documentary filmmaking.

In 2001, two of Melanie's documentary shorts were screened at the Toronto International Teen Movie Festival. "Identity Crisis in the Global Village" examined the role of the community television station in preserving local culture, while "21st Century Pioneers" explored the people and ideas behind a trial-run Women's History course offered in only two high schools in Canada. Collaboration with a biochemist yielded a mini-exposé on the attitudes of some teenagers to food, health, and nutrition, as part of the professor's dwindling but prophetic campaign to warn the public about the evils of trans fats.

Melanie has produced and directed all Double Helix films.

In 2007 she was excited to serve on the executive committee for the inaugural SharpCuts Indie Film and Music Festival in Guelph, Ontario.


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