Rock to Rock

Rock to Rock


"I'm going to be quite honest. If I was a kid, would I want to go to a show where the leader of the band was a 59 year old white guy? I don't think so. I know we have an image problem." Its 12:30 am; singer/songwriter Doug Larson is making his way home after a gig and pondering the future of his band, Kid Coma. He struggles with the same concerns as any emerging artist - except that he's a scientist. And his band has an unusual agenda among modern indie groups: to dominate the Eco Punk scene, once they invent it. Rock ecologist by day, rock star by night, Professor Doug is trying to unite art and science the best way he knows how - thought provoking lyrics + a kick ass sound.

Kid Coma [the band] is the musical culmination of a talented and eclectic crew: the distinguished ecologist, his microbiologist son, an experienced blues musician and a young guitar prodigy. Rock to Rock [the doc] is a rare and intimate slice of their existence as they prepare to release their new CD. It is a story of art, science, and people, told through lenses both analytical and creative. At times funny, insightful, and shocking, Rock to Rock ventures beyond one man's quest to sing about parasites and global warming. It's the story of an unlikely group of people bound by a common goal, fathers and sons, generation-spanning friendships, and the unifying power of music.


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